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  • Result of using sterling grey

    "From dark brown to sterling grey, consistency is everything"

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  • Honey - [Fancy Drops]

    Result of using light blue

    "I used the light blue & lightening drops and they are amazing. I would actually recommend to all of my friends"

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  • Result of using light blue

    "I just assumed to have almost dark brown eyes for a whole life, but I tried fancy drops, me & my friends' mind are blow away"

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  • Turquoise - [Fancy Drops]

    Result of using dark blue

    "Wow! I've used the dark blue & lightening drps for 4 months, and I'm totally amazed."

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  • Result of using light green

    "Aways wanted light green eyes, I am so much happy with the result!"

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  • Result of using light blue

    "I have used the light blue for 6 months, I started to noticed the differences in the 4th months, the blue eye color looks good on me."

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  • Sarah M.

    "Believe me when I say it works! My eyes color have never been this blue EVER."

  • Natalie R.

    I have spent hundreds of dollars on other cosmetic producsteeee

  • Nasadra T

    my familly all have dark brown eyes, it did works, I have bllue eye now.

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