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Natural, safe and easy, Just two drops each eye, twice a day. Change your eye color gradually and naturally. Stunning eyes for everyone. 

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  • Change Your Eye Color Gradually & Naturally

  • Safe, Natural And Painless

  • Daily Routine, Hassle-free

  • 1000+ Customers Approved Results

  • 180 Day Color Commitment

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    No Side Effects.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

" They said I couldn't get grey eyes, but I'm proving 'em wrong with these fancy drops!" 

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Meet Our Customers' Result

Even Almost Black Eye Color 

"After 2 months I really started to notice my eyes are getting grey color shade. I’m hoping it continues.I get compliments on eyes every day. It works great!."

" I just tried these eye color changing drops and I'm shook! 🤯.My eyes have never looked so good! 🔥"

" I want my eye color change into grey color.  I've been color using grey color for 4 months. My eyes are icy grey color now!"

How Fast Can I See Results?

The color-changing journey differs from person to person. Everybody has their own starting point and goal, the important thing is that you don’t expect to change the color overnight. It will take time to archive the stunning color shade.

We recommend a journey of 160 days to archive the desired color shade.

If you start with dark brown eye color , you might have to expect the process to be longer than the 160 days, if you see some change of your color shade during the journey, we recommend that you keep using our products until you have the color shade of your dreams..


How Does It Work?

Science Facts

The iris is usually strongly pigmented, with the color typically ranging from brown, hazel, green, grey, or blue. ​Despite the wide range of colors, the only pigment that contributes substantially to normal iris color ​is the dark pigment Melanin.

🙌Fancy Drops

Our products work by inhibiting the production of Melanin, other pigmentation, and Tyrosinase. But that's not all, our products go beyond this, working at cellular level to Inhibit the enzymes and underlying mechanisms responsible for producing and stimulating pigment-producing cells,​​Giving you a new eye color based on new lower levels of pigmentation. 

By inhibiting the expression of Melanin and other pigmentation, you increase the color expression of lighter tones, (such as blues, greens, hazels, and light honey shades) and the overall lightness of your eyes. .

How Do I Use It?

Two drops in each eye, twice a day in the morning and the night.

If you have bought the Lightening & Brightening Drops with Color Changing Drops.

Use lightening drops first, then color-changing drops after ten minutes.

Contact us Hello@FancyDrops.Co anytime for more help.

How Long Will I See the Result?

The color changing journey differs from person to person. Some see gains right in the beginning - others see gains after months of use.

Usually, it takes 5 months to see the first result . In some cases, it can take around 6-8 months to see the first result. It's all about patience and consistency. You'll get there! 🥳



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How Long Before I See Results?

The color changing journey differs from person to person. Some see gains right in the beginning - others see gains after months of use.

Usually, it takes 5 months to see the first result . In some cases, it can take around 6-8 months to see the first result. It's all about patience and consistency. You'll get there! 🥳.

Is Fancy Drops Safe to Use ?

Your heath & safety means everything to us, we take your eyes health seriously.

No side effects or allergens have been detected. The product is safe to use and approved by our cosmetic science team and meets all US & European standards for safety.

Our products are approved by Federal Cosmetics Regulation,The Federal Cosmetics Regulation includes a set of strict rules for labeling of cosmetic products, all of which must be present on the product container, packaging, or if not possible given space restrictions, in an enclosed leaflet. Without proper labeling, a product will not be permitted onto the market.

Can I stop using Fancy Drops for a while?

Yes, you can stop using Fancy Drops for a while ( 15-30 days will not affect the processing ).

Can I use Fancy Drops with contacts?

Yes, however we advise you too take off your contacts prior to applying the eye drops. Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly before taking out any contact lenses..

Are the results permanent?

The result is not permanent, the color will last for 18 - 24 months and then return back to your original color gradually, after that time, you can restart using Fancy Drops again to maintain the color.

Do I need to keep using Fancy Drops after archiving desired color shade?

You can stop using Fancy Drops once archive the desired color shade, the color will last for 18 -24 months.

Will it work on me?

 We can't guarantee that it will work specifically for you as every journey is unique - and the results vary.

But we have seen 94% positive results and received a lot of great feedback from customers using our products. You should give it a try, that is the only way you will know how it works for you. 😊

Stunning eyes for everyone. We definitely recommend that you give The Fancy Drops a try.

What's the difference between color changing drops and lightening drops

The lightening & brightening drops are designed to make your eye color lighter and brighter, 

And designed for customers who have very dark brown eye color and want to change to light blue or light green eye color.

If you have very dark brown eye color, you can buy the Lightening & Brightening Drops.

Use the lightening & brightening drops with eye color changing drops together.

What's the ingredients?

Ingredients: Fancy X Factor, Purified Water, Honey Extract, Aqua Water Extract,  Ganoderma Sinensis Extract, sodium chloride, Boric Acid, Vitamin E.